Week 2 with Ricky Shetty


Although this week I have been out of commission,  Ricky Shetty wasn’t obviously.  On January 9th Ricky wrote about his new comic book that he wrote about his daughter called Comic Book Release


Also on the 9th of January Ricky wrote about his daughter’s first day at daycare.  He calls this one Rianne’s 1st Day of School

photo 1

Also on the 9th of January Ricky wrote a blog about Vision Boards for Kids

Photo 2

On January 10th Ricky wrote about another father that he interviewed for his book.  To read about it please check out Chapter 3 – Education

photo 3

On January 10th he wrote another post about one of the fathers from his book “Wisdom for Daddies.  “It starts out My fourth interview for my Wisdom from Daddies book was with Joshua, father of a beautiful newborn baby“.  Check it out here.

Photo 4

And finally on January 10th Ricky wrote about yet another dad for his Wisdom from Daddies book.  Please check it out here


One comment

  1. rickyshetty · · Reply

    Keven – thanks for updating everyone!!

    By the way, can you make a correction – you wrote Rianne’s 1st day at Day Care.

    We went to an Elementary School to teach Grade 4-5 students how to do vision boards (not a day care).

    Just don’t want people to think I have put Rianne in a day care.

    As for video updates, I’ll get them done over the weekend.



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